black pearlsBlack has a bad reputation. Many traditions indicate hatred, negativity, major illness or depression and treat this color as a bad sign.

In light, black absorbs all colors, while white reflects all colors. I paint, white adds lightness to a color, producing “tints,” while black darkens a color, producing “shades.”

People drawn to black are often loners who are unsure where they fit in society. Even amongst their peers they can feel isolated. Like their counterpart in light they are deeply absorbed, often with a wide variety of unusual interests. Many are even empathic, deeply feeling not only their own emotions, but those of others as well. It can be quite overwhelming!

There is nothing wrong with being drawn to the shadowy sides of things. Day requires night. One drawn to black should be careful about anger, depression and other dark emotions. If they become too prevalent one must lighten the tone with other colors. It can be as simple as spending time in another environment with someone who is strong enough to take a little shading. By doing so, black will absorb a little bit of the other energy as well.