white tigerThose drawn to white have a pure spirit. They raise the degree of other colors whenever they are near. They are a healing presence who tend to give of themselves for the benefit of others.

Whites prize independence and freedom, not just for themselves, but for everyone. They are comfortable on their own and don’t tend to work closely with any one particular group, but make themselves equally available.

White people are bold and fearless in the face of difficulty. People tend to be inspired by their courage and will follow them. However, as they have little desire for power they tend to step aside once the villain is vanquished and disappear to return another day when there is need. They are like wandering knights in search of the helpless.

Love for a white is challenging. They are devoted spouses when they find their soul mates, but they don’t necessarily seek a companion. Anyone who makes a life with them must understand that there will always be someone in need and that they will always have to share them with the world. Their life is built on a greater good.