blue-nature-background-4-1390106270h4tPeople drawn to blue are visionaries. They are deeply intellectual people who are able to reshape the world around them in their minds. They are further able to convey this vision in a way that encourages people to believe it and to support it. Steve Jobs and Walt Disney were blue types.

Blues are drawn to things that change people. Their eloquence and charisma make them excellent writers, poets, and politicians. This is because in addition to their deep intellect they are also highly intuitive. They are able to think and feel, making for a strong balance of the head and the heart. They are well organized and good at leading others to action.

One of the key qualities of blues is their ability to make peace and find compromise between parties. They are good at sorting conflict into mutually beneficial solutions. They look for honesty, directness and clarity in their relationships, whether business or personal. A challenge for blue is that they can get very involved in their desires to change the world and neglect their own home front.

Blue people can also have a strong spiritual side and can be drawn into religious service.