What people say about Saul


We were lucky enough to meet Saul at The Museum of the Weird where he read our minds. He also gave some really accurate insights into our different personality traits. He was engaging and charismatic and thoroughly worth the visit. Since then I have had 2 different reading with him over the internet. He is… Read more “Fantastic”

Angela Yates


I have had the pleasure of being in one of Saul Ravencraft’s study groups on intention and manifestation. He is a gentle, entertaining teacher who inspires you with confidence and gives enthusiastic encouragement. With his guidance, I have managed to overcome things I had long struggled with. I used to have PTSD nightmares about someone… Read more “Wonderful”

Elizabeth Thomas

Saul was able to let

Saul was able to let us communicate with my daughter’s deceased parents. It brought her closure she desperately needed and I feel like it’s done a lot for her mental health. I also was surprised when a friend of mine from high school came through too. I’d absolutely recommend… Read more “Saul was able to let”

Chelsea Durham

Accurate and thought provoking readings from Saul

I admire Saul very much for his high integrity and ethics level he demonstrates in life and as a healer.

Dee Prince

Amazing Artifacts and Astonished Guests

Saul has been the entertainment for my Halloween parties for the last two years and he is amazing and kind. All of my guests enjoy having their palms or tarot cards read and the accuracy is spot on! The “parlor games” are my favorite part and allow guests to be part of the entertainment. We… Read more “Amazing Artifacts and Astonished Guests”

Jennifer Newman