Middle of a lush, green forestPeople drawn to green are creative souls. They have a very down to earth nature and tend to prefer the concrete to the fantastic. Their creativity is more practical such as gardening, cooking and home decorating. Greens have a great appreciation of beauty which is reflected in everything they do.

Green people are respected and admired. Their practical nature makes them excellent with business and they can create a great amount of wealth and prosperity. They tend to lead stable, balanced lives and are good planners with a long vision into the future. They rarely make rash decisions or jump into things unexpectedly.

Environment is important to green people. They try to create a nurturing environment which is generous to those around them. However, part of that nurturing is pulling weeds, and they will root out anyone who is not a positive part of that environment. They also tend to be health conscious, with a healthy diet. They are connected with nature and love the great outdoors.