purple flowersPeople drawn to purple are highly attuned to the feelings of others and are often considered psychic, or at least very sensitive. A lot of purple in an aura can make someone seem mysterious and secretive.

Purple people are very curious about the nature of people. They are drawn to philosophy and religious studies as well as anything else that has to do with humanity and what drives us. They are infinitely curious and will explore these subjects deeply, drawing connections in places that many cannot see.

Purples do not tend to have a large group of friends. Those in their small circle are held closely and deeply respected. In love, they are often challenged in that they know too much about a person and need someone who is understanding of their nature and abilities. Once they find their soul mate they are loyal and loving for life.

Purples are also tuned into animals and nature. They tend to be empathetic with animals and seem to have a “magic touch” in connecting with other people’s pets and even stranger animals. It’s not uncommon for their home to become a haven for lost animals and those in need of care.