close-up of a yellow flowerPeople drawn to yellow are analytical, logical and very intelligent. They are creative and expressive people and thrive in areas involving research. You’ll find them as teachers, inventors, scientists and other areas that demand someone make sense of the world. This can have a down side as they can become obsessed with their research and forget about the friends, family and world outside of their projects.

Yellow people do well on their own and don’t necessarily require the company of others. However, when they are stressed they don’t tend to reach out, so they can become withdrawn and depressed. It’s good when someone can keep an eye on them in these times and offer a distraction.

Yellow people are excellent communicators and can do this for individuals or large groups. Their confidence is a key, as they present their ideas without hesitation, and are inspirational in their delivery.

Yellows see everything. They are very observant of events and people. Sometimes this comes across as arrogance, but the truth is that they just don’t suffer fools gladly. You have to earn the friendship of a yellow and be prepared to defend your place by keeping up.

Yellows tend to follow their intellect more than their intuition—head over heart. They like to explore the limits of their intellect and can be very unconventional, challenging thinkers. They tend to act out with unusual interests and hobbies and bold in their explorations, not worrying about what others might think.

The most common complaint about yellow people is their critical nature, which they direct to themselves and to others. They need to be reminded sometimes to not take everything too seriously.

However, yellows have hearts of gold and are always happy to help people, provided that one appeals to their skills and their intellect rather than their emotion.