2017 — Now what?!

a brass calendar composed of rotating wheelsThe wheel of the year makes another turn and a click. 2016 fades away and 2017 blooms before us. Some have already learned which resolutions we probably won’t be keeping. Some are still trying to understand the path that lays ahead.

At the beginning of every year I always look at the numbers and what energy surrounds a year. It gives me an idea of the theme for the year and what I may need to balance against. Last year was very much a year of giving energy out to the greater community. This is why so many people so drained. The loss of so many people who influenced our lives, combined with the twists and turns of a U.S. election year took a large toll on our emotional wallets.

One lit bulb in a row of unlit ones2017 is going to be a very different energy. I look at a year’s energy in two ways. The first is the number for the year itself. 2017 reduces to a 1, which is very much about the self. We gave so much out last year that we really need to turn our thoughts to our inner desires and goals. There will be a lot of momentum to pull you into big debates and to get you to spend your energy on other people’s ambitions. You must reflect on each of these and make sure that they actually connect with things that are important in your own life. If they are not things that affect you directly, and if there is not specific action you can take in your own circle of friends to make a difference, you should be conservative. Instead, look at what is directly in front of you, at the things that touch you personally. Your focus should be much more on what you can accomplish personally rather than what someone else can do.

This sounds a little selfish, and on some level it might be. But, we cannot continue to drain ourselves and our own needs, especially at the rate that last year demanded. This is focus on your own foundations so that you have the strength and resources to give later when the need is far greater.

This energy calls upon you to trust yourself. In so many ways we are manipulated to believe that our solutions lie with some other powerful person or product. This year you should especially appreciate that your answers lie within. Consider that you may actually have a clear vision of what you want and know what you need to do it. Self-doubt and hesitation while you debate it all out is slowing you down much more than any missteps you may have along the way. Be bolder this year.

a box shaped like the profile of a human head has its flaps opened at the topI also look at the birth date for a year, which renders a 3. This energy is very much about creation and creativity. There will be a number of apparent obstacles before us in the coming year, but they are only obstacles if we look at them conventionally. This will be the year of the work-around. Be prepared for solutions that you used in the past to be disrupted and to not abandon your goal but to simply find another way to achieve it. This is challenging for many, because we are driven in our current society to find the most perfect, most efficient, most repeatable way to do things. That may not work for what lies ahead. We should be open to taking the scenic route, doing things an older way, or a newer way. Some of these solutions will be inspired intuition. Some of them will only work once. It is a year of “Why not?!”

This may seem difficult at first, but will become a game. If you will play you’ll find that you have become extremely flexible and accomplished much that you’ve been told could not be done… at least not by you… right now.

2017 is not the year of asking permission. It is not the year for validation. It is the year for forging ahead and following your own vision.

If you want to explore the range of personal energies that you will experience this year I do a numerological projection that looks month-by-month at the themes you’ll be experiencing this year. I can provide this in person or remotely. Contact me to get started. I wish you very good fortune as you embrace your own path in 2017.

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