2018 – Time to look at the numbers

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I began a tradition a few years ago of starting the new year with some numerology projections. So far they’ve born out pretty well. It’s that time again! Let’s jump right in.

First, let’s look at the year itself, which I project from 1/1/2018. The key number for this year is a 4. That is a number of work—meticulous, detailed effort, hard labor. There is a lot to be done this year. It’s not glamorous. It’s the sort of cleaning out the garage work, the tilling the soil work, the sanding and painting work. It doesn’t have to be drudgery and it doesn’t have to be ugly, but it will require rolling up the sleeves and getting down to it. Everyone will be struggling a little and having to put in extra effort for things. We’ll be much more like pioneers trying to hew a living from the land than futuristic beings living in the clouds.

The benefit of a working year is that it has the potential to empower the individual. The work needs to be done. Are you going to expend all of your energy into raising up someone else’s dreams and goals or are you going to be working your own garden? True, you’ll need to put effort into keeping that job as you get greater demands, but you can also channel some of that energy into your own space. Don’t give it all away. Use this energy to craft something for yourself as well. A working year can help you connect with your own skills and capabilities. It can help you get better organized and sharpen your abilities. Any skill you develop is yours to keep and use for your own purposes. Use this energy to get things done that you’ve been putting off and clear your plate for a more adventuresome 2019.

Must we talk about President Trump? I suppose we should. Trump’s life path number is a 5, which means that he is an explorer. He is always seeking new ventures, new opportunities, new experiences. For him, this manifests as boredom and impatience. Something needs to be happening and if won’t happen on it’s own he’ll stir something up. That’s his core energy.

However, in 2018, Trump’s number is a 4, which is in line with the year’s energy. He will have a lot of work to do as well, and will be driving those he influences to deliver more. The affinity between his personal year and the year itself doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a good year for him, just that the vibrations match. However, when we combine the numbers we get an 8, the money of resource and prosperity… so he’ll likely have some luck with him.

Another prominent figure with Trump is Kim Jong-un, who has a life path number of 4. His life’s theme is constant effort and work. This creates a vibration of constant effort. Nothing will come easily. For this year, his number is 13 (which becomes 4). The 13, however, suggests difficulties. This is not going to be an easy year. There will be a lot of pressure and probably some missteps. It’s going to be a difficult year.

When we combine the numbers for Trump and Kim Jong-un we get that 8 again, suggesting that the two of them will personally benefit through their connection this year. That could mean that they broker some sort of peace that creates prosperity. It could mean that their conflict enforces their own brands and their stock goes up for their supporters. Regardless, they are going to be good for each other this year.

What about the United States? The main life path number for the USA is a 5, which is also about adventure and change. In 2018, the USA also has a 5, which says that it will be a year of affinity for the country. The USA will be very much in its own element and will be exploring and experimenting. This could be very positive because it might mean some level of transformation in line with the greater good. Maybe this will be the time when people realize that no one else is going to fix things and they get to work themselves. The energy of the year is right for personal effort, for struggle. If we combine the numbers for the country and the year we get a 9, which is about community. This is actually a very hopeful sign that the country as a whole can overcome any personalities involved.

For myself, the theme this year will be digging deeper. I have a number of areas where I want to develop myself and what I do. I have several areas of personal education that I will be focused on, learning Spanish, developing my skill as a hypnotist, developing myself as a writer and presenter. I will be preparing myself and my arts for some bigger stuff in 2019. I will try to use this year’s natural energy to keep me focused and not be too distracted by all the shiny things.

Overall, it doesn’t look like 2018 will be much of a party year. It will be more of a “cleaning up after the party” year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. This time of regrouping, reorganizing and clearing/preparing the space will create a fertile environment for a lot of innovation in 2019. There is value in this work. Keep your head in the quality of what you are doing rather than the toil of it. Delight in how accomplishing these tasks come together to improve the environment, to build the foundation for what is to come.

Of course, your journey this year will have its own nuance and vibrations. Reach out and I’ll help you find out how to combine your own vibrations with what happens in 2018 to use it all to your full advantage. These prices will be good through the end of January. Use the button below to order.

Happy New Year everybody!

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