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Tea & Terror Theater

What: Tea & Terror Theater
Where: Curia Arcanum: House of Curiosities, 1006 S. 1st St., Austin, Texas 78704 (map)
When: Saturday, January 5, 2019, 2:00pm – 5:00pm
               (Readings will be available starting at 1pm and ending at 7pm)
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Saul Ravencraft will join with the Curia Arcanum: House of Curiosities‎ to celebrate two bizarre films from the early years of cinema. Saul will help introduce the films and do some interactive intuition games with the group. He will also be offering tea readings before and after the films for only $20. Reserve your spot now by pre-paying.

The films

The two films will be The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) and Nosferatu (1922). Both are the products of an unusual time in cinema, as everyone was figuring out what movie-making was all about. In addition, the socio-political conditions in Germany created a unique style known as German Expressionism. These films have a strong theatrical quality combined with imagery that make them feel very dreamlike. The films are silent, but are still rich in storytelling.

The readings

Saul will also be offering tea readings. This is a classic form of divination that a lot of people have heard of in books an movies, but few people have actually done.

The art is as ancient as tea. It all begins by enjoying a lovely cup of tea, freshly brewed in your cup. Then you will go through a brief ritual to imbue the cup with your intention. Saul will read the symbols provided by the tea leaves. Like any reading, this talks about the energies around you now. You can act to encourage or dispel these energies, according to what you want.

There may be a line of people wanting their reading. You can reserve your spot by prepaying.

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