Meet them in the in-between

I have two areas to the work that I do. One side is the readings, ritual work, and energy work that I do. The other side is what I call paranormal entertainment, an exploration of the strange, odd, and unusual through interactive theatre. (If you are curious about that side of things, contact me.) It’s intended to be a show, symbolic of the deeper work that I do, but even so I end up tapping into deeper things with some people.

Photo: A young woman cheerfully leans in over the shoulder of a happy elderly woman. They are smiling at each other.Probably the most dramatic events are the ones where someone make a connection with a loved one who has passed on. I don’t ask people to think of dead relatives, I invite them to think of anyone they can picture. They could think of movies stars, comic book characters, but many of them end up focused on someone personal. Sometimes I’m not able to connect with more than a name, but sometimes a lot of detail comes out. When that connection happens it can be very emotional. I’m not trying to demonstrate mediumship, I’m just relating impressions as I work my way toward the person they are thinking of, but sometimes it acts like mediumship and specific personal details come through. My intuition work has taught me to go with what I’m given and worry later about making sense of it.

So, this moment of entertainment takes a sudden and shocking turn. There are tears. There is a powerful sense in the air for those who can feel it. It’s not something to be ducked or laughed away. These things happen for a reason and they usual seem to do good for the person thinking about the loved one. I’m always deeply honored to be a part of that moment.

Once I got accustomed to that moment I realized I needed to share something with those people. I share it in every event where this occurs and I’m going to share it with you now, because it’s something we can all do. You don’t need a ghost hunter or a psychic medium or any special person to make connections with people you love who have crossed over. Yes, these people may be able to use their experience and discipline to help do specific things, but we all have the ability to make connections. If you miss someone and want to have another conversation you can do it by reaching them in the in-between.

Vintage painting of a woman reclining on a couchThe idea is pretty straightforward. It’s loosely connected to astral travel and the fact that when we sleep we have the deepest access to our subconscious. Begin by thinking clearly of the person you want to reach. Think of a place that would be good to meet them. Maybe you want to have a conversation over dinner. Pick that place that you know they’d love to eat. Perhaps you’re just going to walk beside that lake that you find so peaceful. It doesn’t have to be a place that they would know, but it’s helpful if it’s a place that you know well. The more vivid it is for you the easier it will be for you to connect with it and call them there.

Once the person and place are clear for you, do these steps:

  1. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine for the night. These will affect your natural body rhythms. Surely this meeting is more important than the little stimulus you receive. Try a little warm milk with honey or chamomile tea instead.
  2. Turn off the TV and try to leave your phone alone. These electronics affect our brain and keep us from having a restful sleep. (read more) Also, try to refrain from taking any sort of sleep aid, though something like melatonin would probably be OK. Your goal is to prepare yourself for a relaxing night of sleep.

  3. Just before you go to sleep, imagine the place and person you want to meet. Picture it all clearly and invite them to join you. Make it as vivid as you can. Try not to think of it as a sad thing, even though you might miss them terribly. Think about how joyful it will be for you to see them there.

As you sleep, when you are most openly connected to your subconscious you will go to that place and you will meet this person. You will want to keep a notepad next to the bed because as you awaken this memory will fade as quickly as any dream does. Even if you have no conscious memory of the connection you will have a though about this person in the day that is not a memory. It will be about something current, something they could not have experienced in their own lifetime. That memory will be from your connection.

Some people experience this as a single event. They have the one conversation. Others find that they can visit and revisit with loved ones.

Of course, you can also use this technique to connect with others, but you may not have the same success that you will with a loved one who is likely also seeking connection.

Try this. Make notes of your experience and share them with me.

Tell them that I said “Hello.”

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