Sun and Moon Celebration

Old line drawing of sun and moon figuresToday is an unusual day as celestial celebrations go. It marks Midsummer, the summer solstice which is the longest day of the year. It’s also a full moon. Astronomically speaking, the Sun reaches its most northern point in the sky at local noon. From here forward the days will get shorter until we reach the winter solstice and the pendulum begins to swing back the other way.

Today also marks the full moon. It is a rare occurrence for both to happen on the same day.

From a witchier perspective, Midsummer is a celebration of male energy, the god. The full moon recognizes the female energy, the goddess. The harmony of both of these energies, male and female together, is a profound moment, and very appropriate for our times. As our media is hungry for the debate about gender and focused on the differences I look to the 7th Hermetic Principal from the Kybalion, the principal of gender.

This principal acknowledges that gender permeates everything in our world. All of us have male and female aspects within us. Celebrating Midsummer with a full moon is a beautiful acknowledgement of the dual natures within everything and the importance of both.

Do something outdoors this evening. A back-yard cookout would be perfect. Spend some time running and jumping and dancing. Think about the good things that you have in your world — you have some! Think how these resources are growing and developing into a bountiful harvest later on. Gather friends and family of both sexes and appreciate how much we all really have in common with each other.


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