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7/16/2017 – Four of Pentacles

4 of Pentacles from Robin Wood deck A man sits with a hoard of coins. He holds them close as thought concerned that they will be taken. His face is contorted into a scowl. He does not enjoy his treasure, he merely grasps it and worries over it.

This card talks about miserliness, covetousness, greed. It talks about holding gifts too closely and not sharing. Of course, this does not only apply to money. It can apply to time and other gifts.

For myself I see this as a reminder to remain open to giving what I can when it is appropriate. I have a number of resource challenges. I am trying to grow in my path and in my business. I’m increasingly concerned about not getting value for what I do or being undervalued. This can go to far, however. Taking pride in my ability and confidently getting my value is one thing. I still need to be willing to give where appropriate and to accept that some of these things will not happen overnight. I need to be careful that my ambitions do not surround me with fear to give and grow where necessary.

Overall message to me: Don’t be fearful. Don’t be greedy. Continue to do the best that I can and trust that rewards will come when they can. Don’t try to hold things so tightly that they shoot out of my grasp.