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Dark entities in your home

dark_entity Some entities seem nice but hide something darker. If you experience negative signs, don’t ignore it!

Because I help people explore paranormal ideas I get a lot of people’s stories about weird things that have happened. Honestly, I really enjoy them. Some of them are funny. Some are spooky. Often they are things that aren’t told to just anyone. I feel privileged to hear these.

From time to time I’ll hear something that really catches my attention. I’ll hear a story that resonates pretty strongly with what I’ve studied. Every once in a while I hear something that makes me concerned.

More people than you might imagine have some sort of entity in their life. Some are bothered by it but many enjoy this connection. Those connections are good and if you have a friendly spirit I would encourage you to coexist, much as you might do with a favorite squirrel in your yard. It’s a good thing for us to have connections with the unseen world for no other reason than it helps us to appreciate that there is a world outside of our regular perception.

Not all entities are good things, though. There are things that have never been human. There are spirits of people with troubled lives that seek to continue that trouble. These are bad news and should not be tolerated any more than you would tolerate a dangerous animal living in your yard.

What are signs of a dangerous entity? Here are a few key ones:

  1. It makes you uneasy — Humans have a pretty well-developed sense of when something is not safe. Modern society has dulled this a little by causing us to focus on tools other than our own intuition, but it’s still pretty good. If the entity makes you feel uncomfortable, beyond just the little thrill of experiencing something unusual, there is a problem.
  2. It’s unresponsive to your requests — In general, the kinds of entities that you want around are positively responsive to you. If banging the cabinets at 3:00 in the morning messes with your sleep and your children you can explain that this is a problem. They don’t necessarily experience time the way that we do so it might not have even occurred that the activity was troublesome. You may need to re-explain from time to time, but it will feel generally cooperative. If your requests are met with an angry or contrary response then there is a problem.
  3. It tries to interfere — We all have things that we need to do on this plane. We work, learn, eat, create families, have friends, etc. It’s life. A positive entity will respect your life. It won’t be jealous and it won’t try to create conditions that prevent you from living your life normally. Now, it may play games with you, like hiding the keys for a bit to remind you that you don’t always need to be running around. It might push a little from time to time when there is someone that might not be good for you. Ultimately, however, it needs to respect your needs and wishes. If conditions are keeping people away and making you more isolated, there is a problem.
  4. It tries to influence you to do harmful things — An entity might try to encourage certain styles and activities, much like a live-in grandmother might try to influence your clothes and music. However, a positive entity will not do things that make you feel more depressed, more lonely. It will not manipulate you and make unreasonable demands of you. When you are targeted by an entity like this it’s usually pretty hard to tell. It’s much easier to see when someone else is being affected. If someone in your home is showing signs of darkening moods, depression and a lack of personal interest or care, especially when they point it back to the entity, there is a problem.

Now, you might experience degrees of these things that is just a matter of moodiness. An entity will respond to changes much as anyone does. It won’t always be positive. Sometimes new friends or activities will generate a little chaos. They are life forces and as prone to imperfection as any of us. Life with an entity demands a certain level of toleration for disruption.

There’s a boundary, however. The entity should accept the new boyfriend after he’s shown himself to be a decent guy. The entity should accept the changes in your schedule or your need to have certain things on your desk left alone. When the behavior becomes uncivilized you will need to take some action.

So, what do you do? A lot really depends on the actual situation. Is this a troubled spirit that needs help? Is this an inhuman entity that is attaching itself to your child?

First we must have some understanding. I think it’s important to maintain some sort of communication with an entity you allow in your home. Talk to it. Include it. Don’t ignore it. It may feel like the dialogue is all one-sided but you will likely notice that there is a sort of two-way communication that evolves as you each learn what works for you. You’ll see positive and negative signs and perhaps even more elaborate communications. If you are getting a danger sign, communicate and explain that this is a problem. A positive entity will respond in a positive way.

Let’s say that the basic communication isn’t working. Now what? Now it’s time to get someone in who has some more experience with this sort of thing. Depending on your spiritual practices you may have a medium, a shaman, or a pastor who is open to these things. Let them come and see what they get from this entity. If something is wrong they will likely be able to tell.

If you don’t have a spiritual connection, you might reach out to a paranormal group. Here is a listing of groups in different areas. Here is a resource for finding groups in your area. Please be very careful in connecting with these groups. They vary in skill and experience and you will be sharing some personal things with these people. Check out their web site and learn more about them. If you can work with a group that is personally recommended to you that is always best. At least give them the same due diligence you would give someone doing home repairs.

Once you know more about the entity and, hopefully, why it is being negative you can take some action. The actions range anywhere from banishing or exorcism to simply making a few changes about how you maintain your persona space and how you interact with the entity. Ideally it will just be a temporary phase or a misunderstanding that clears up and returns everything to normal.

If you have a positive entity in your life you should feel very special. It’s an experience that relatively few people have and it can be a wonderful part of your life. If things start feeling wrong, though, don’t do nothing. Some entities that seem to be friendly are actually deceptive. Unchecked they can cause a great deal of harm. Ignorance is their greatest ally.

I’m always opened to talk with people about these kinds of experiences. If you have something to share, please reach out.