7/19/2017 — The World

photo of The World card from the Robin Wood tarot deckToday’s card is The World. This is one of the cards from the Major Arcana, which are the big, archetype symbols of life. The World shows many possibilities, a world of possibilities if you will. It shows that there are no limitations, but that any direction, any desire is possible. Goals are coming to completion with success. Pathways are opening. The only limitations are those of choice.

This card also reminds me a little of a magical portal… a doorway into other dimensions, other planes of existence. This is a sign that I can walk through to any world that I choose.

For me, this is a good card. (It would be a good card for anyone!) Right now I’m looking at my possible futures and directions. Progress feels slow, thought I know I’m actually doing well under the circumstances. This is a reminder that my limitations right now are self-imposed and that I should by no means reduce my ambitions or my visions of the future. The past doesn’t matter because this is a whole new world, filled with new possibilities. I should not settle nor be shy about what I see for myself and those in my life. I should embrace the world, because it is my world!

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