7/20/2017 – Seven of Cups

Photo of the 7 of Cups from the Robin Wood tarot The 7 of Cups shows a woman with fantastic visions floating above her. Her head is literally in the clouds and she is lost in dreams.

Dreams are good and imagination is important, even critical, to manifesting. We must be able to see what we want to achieve so we can call it to us. However, sometimes we get so attached to the visions that we fail to take action. Be careful about getting lost and spending your time dreaming away the possibilities rather than executing on what you want to accomplish. You’re dreams won’t come true without your help.

For myself this card is pretty relevant. I have a tendency to overthink things and to re-imagine them repeatedly, enjoying each improved version of the vision. It’s fun, and easy to do as I sit and wonder why more things aren’t happening to me. The truth is that I need to always be bolder in may actions because a partially realized reality is always better than a perfected vision that never comes to be. So… off to take action on something!

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