7/27/2017 — Knight of Wands

Photo of the Knight of Wands from the Robin Wood tarotToday’s draw was the Knight of Wands. Again, this is a card that can represent a person or an energy. As a physical description, this would be a young man (18ish – 30ish) He could have reddish hair or complexion. He could be a fire sign: Aeries, Leo, or Sagittarius.

As an energy, the Knight of Wands is connected with fire, our passions, the ambitions and things that drive us. It’s more the energy of achievement than artistry, the entrepreneurial energy. This knight is a heroic figure who charges in, ready to do what is needed. He is focused on the task and able to ignore the distractions that would lead him astray.

To me, knights are also questing cards. These are the times when we dare to move from our stable base and reach out for something new. It’s a call to explore. to try “that thing.”

As I turn this card to myself I can see a number of things. I have allowed myself to become a little distracted from certain goals, not applying my energy to movement but rather excusing myself. (I’m too tired, too brain dead, too drained from what I’m doing. These other things to the side will happen when I have more energy.) These things are all true, and yet they will remain true until I redirect some of my energy to expansion and progress. Again, this is a call for me to be bold. More than that is is a direct call for me to be taking action.

The questing aspect of this card is daunting. The knight travels from the safety of the fortress into unknown territories. He does not have the luxury of protective walls and comrades. He must face whatever lays on his path and bring his skills to bear. I must trust that I have what is needed to move ahead on the path and that sitting still is not an option.


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