7/25/2107 — King of Swords

Photo of the King of Swords from the Robin Wood tarotThe card for today can go in different directions. It can indicate a person, or it can indicate a kind of personal energy.

In situations where a card is used as a significator, a representation for the subject of the reading, this would symbolize a dark-haired, mature man. If it shows up in a position that could indicate a person, it might be that, or a person of strength, intelligence, and powerful will. When it shows up in a place that points to the person having the reading it indicates those qualities of maturity, and power. The king also indicates masculine energy, more logic, reason, and rule of law than intuition, flexibility, and collaboration.

Swords are connected with air. They can bring with them a certain amount of conflict and chaos. However, the king is in control. He stands his ground. He stands by his word and what he has decreed. But, does this mean that now is the time to take a stand or that one is being stubborn in a situation that requires some flexibility? It’s all about context.

In a card a day, we don’t really get context. The purpose of laying out several cards together is to help define the purpose of each card and to get some interaction between the meanings to tell a more cohesive story. So, cards that can represent several things can be a little puzzling on their own.

For myself, today, I can see a few areas where I am going to be called upon to have stronger will and to exercise my kingly energy in the face of conflict. It will be better to try to handle these situations with reason and more contracted means rather than relying on what feels right. Do the math. Get it in writing. However, I will also keep my eyes open for that connection with a man who seems to command his own path. He might be very helpful to me today and I should take advantage of that.

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