7/28/217 — Queen of Swords

Photo of the Queen of Swords from the Robin Wood tarotMore swords today! You’d think there was a theme surrounding me right now!

Today it is the Queen. Again, this card can represent a person who may have influence in my day. This would be a woman who carries herself with confidence. She is very perceptive and quick-witted. A sort of warrior princess. (She does have a sword!)

Swords calls to air energy: freedom, disorder, chaos, the resistance to containment. The wind blows where it will and cannot be stopped. One can only shield from the wind. Swords can also point to conflict—again, disorder.

Whereas the King of Swords called up the more orderly energy, the Queen suggests a more intuitive, collaborative, flexible energy. In situations of conflict one should look for opportunities to negotiate and, perhaps, compromise. This is not about giving in, but looking beyond the letter of the law and more into its spirit.

For myself, this card will need to reveal itself. I don’t really have much in the way of obligations today, so I am somewhat at my leisure. I don’t expect to encounter any conflicts and have no negotiations to work with today. Perhaps it will apply to something, but I can’t see what. I will embrace the spirit of air today, and allow myself to blow freely and not try to impose structure. I will look to be flexible and be open to letting things stretch beyond the limits of my expectations. I will also look to my own intuition and wit where it can apply. If a new friend appears I will pay attention to what she can reveal to me. She may have answers I hadn’t considered.


A strong woman, intensely perceptive, confident and quick witted.

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