8/1/2017 — Queen of Cups

photo of Queen of Cups from Robin Wood tarotThe Queen of Cups appears today. (Lots of personified cards here lately!) Cups is the symbol of water, the element of emotion, intuition, creation. In the body of the queen this element takes on the form of a nurturing mother—though possibly a little overprotective.

The queen can also represent a mature woman, likely married, certainly motherly.

The queen calls to the female aspect, inviting one to be more open to those qualities of connection and intuition.

Since circumstances did not allow me to complete this article on the day, I’m actually considering this card the morning after. I did try to allow myself to be open to connection with people throughout the day and to let myself flow with circumstances rather than trying to control and shape them myself. I was giving tours all day at the Museum of the Weird, and it was a very busy day. A number of conditions conspired to prevent me from having control over things and I was tempted to become irritated and lash out at them, try to fix them. Ultimately, I did not. I just flowed with the situation and, while it was not my favorite day, I think I would have made it a lot worse if I had tried to be in charge. Everyone was doing what they thought was best.

I did not feel much of the nurturing side of the queen’s energy, though maybe it was still there. We can become fixed on our own challenges and ignore the help and support that we receive. I like to think that the queen’s energy transformed a day that could have been rotten into one that was simply exhausting.

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