8/11/2017 — Queen of Pentacles

photo of the Queen of Pentacles from the Robin Wood tarotMore pentacles, today in the form of a queen. This woman embodies industriousness. Shown working away at her embroidery, a noble pastime (to pass the time) of ladies for centuries. She represents a powerful, successful woman and the rewards that come from hard work. Though it may not come with fanfare, my efforts are being noticed by the universe and I am being regarded with favor.

Don’t be surprised if you connect with a woman today that you consider to be a matriarch. You may also find yourself the beneficiary of monetary gifts, information, or just things that make you go hmmmmm. These are the deep, nurturing influences of earth that don’t just feed you now, but will blossom into prosperity that feeds you for a lifetime. This sort of thing doesn’t come every day, so when this does we should allow ourselves the time to absorb it and retain it.

I actually had contact with two women today that I consider powerful and successful. They both are strong examples that I admire and would like a portion of their wisdom and momentum to take root for me. In each case the connection was simple, just touching bases on items of mutual interest. In both cases they shared some things with me that I probably need to ponder further. There is deeper value to be found, though their intention was not to counsel me… they just can’t help but plant seeds.

I’m liking this string of cards indicating positive energy and generous spirits working toward my prosperity. I’m soaking all of that energy in! Undoubtedly there will be other cards coming that will point to challenges, but the do not negate the support. The manner in which these cards are coming together demonstrates a network of uplifting love and genuine desire for my greatest good that is very comforting. I will embrace it all and use it to carry me to my greatest good.

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