8/22/2017 — Page of Cups

Photo of Page of Cups from Robin Wood tarot

Late response to this morning’s card, the Page of Cups. This card often points to a person, a youth. It can also suggest an employee or someone who is overseen. A page can also indicate a messenger, which might not be a person, but could be an email, letter, or other form.

Again, cups is connected with water, suggesting the need for flow. Creativity and artistry are also indicated.

If a person, this will be an artistic youth, or someone  who I oversee that is trustworthy and trusting. It could also indicate a joyful child, still strongly connected to that gift of imagination that children have until we force it out of them by trying to make them “grow up.”

However this energy connects to me today, it will bring sparks of creation and possibility. Some of this may come from the crazy ideas department, and it may not all be worth acting upon, but it will definitely be food for thought. Inspiration can come from many places and the craziest-sounding idea may have that little spark or seed that grows into just what is needed. I should be mindful to not be too busy for connection and to be open to whatever ideas or information is presented.

Today I was mostly involved giving tours at the Museum of the Weird, and did not have much time for conversation… though there was a chat I had early this morning that sparked an idea that may turn into a new project. We shall see how it evolves.

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