8/3/2017 — Ten of Pentacles

photo of the 10 of pentacles from the Robin Wood tarotNow, this is a pleasant card to see! Within the suit of  pentacles there is a story told of a craftsman. He begins as an apprentice, doing the tedious, repetitive work through which he learns his skill. He progresses to a master, doing the delicate work that no one else can do. He prospers. Here, we see him in his winter years and things have gone quite well. He is a distinguished man with a family and a grandson. He is surrounded by the signs of his prosperity and has retired well. Even the dog adores him!

This is a card of a life lived well and the enjoyment of earned rewards. Of course, these rewards may not be financial wealth, though there’s no reason to rule it out. It is the ultimate bearing of fruit and the satisfaction that comes with connecting with one’s personal meaning.

This is certainly a card of being on the right track. In some placements this shows that everything is going according to plan and may exceed expectations. It certainly gives signs that one is on the right track. What is needed will come, and will go beyond what is merely needed. The seeds planted are blossoming and bearing fruit for now and into the future. Be confident and expect to have a chance to enjoy what you have earned.

For me this is a nice card to see today. I’ve been running pretty hard and there have been a number of surprises, a few shocks even, that have caused me to have pretty severe doubts. We all get them. It’s part of caring what happens. I will embrace this card as a sign that I am pointed the right way and that I need to keep moving forward. I will seek opportunities to connect with people and talk, not about what happens tomorrow, but the big picture stuff. I will spend some time today looking at my ultimate vision, and perhaps reviewing what I am doing to make sure I am including actions that can lead there. I will spend some time sharpening my vision and working with personal investments in my future. Some of those investments may be financial. Some may be creating and enhancing the successful, prosperous version of me.

This is a great energy for today!

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