8/4/2017 — Ace of Cups

photo of the Ace of Cups from the Robin Wood tarotThe Ace of Cups shows up today. As mentioned before, cups is connected to the element of water. It is connected with the feminine, intuition, connection, creation. Aces are about thresholds, beginnings, energy emerging, paths pointing upward. There’s a lot of good stuff in here! I think the picture puts it pretty well. “My cup runneth over!”

An ace is always a good sign when we’re trying to make a change. It shows an emergence. a seed planted and taking root. If this card corresponds with something you’re trying to achieve you are on the right track. It can also show a new vibration moving into a situation.

Aces tend to point to personal energies more than external influences. Aces are 1s, about individual power and ambition. When they appear they are pointing directly at you. It’s not the time to wait for permission or validation. Look inward.Trust your own instincts.

So, combining all of this, the Ace of Cups says that new opportunity is going to flow. It’s a fantastic day for any kind of creative endeavor or something that draws more on the feeling than the thinking side. It’s also a good day to get some stuff done on my own. Do I need to vision board something? sharpen a vision? explore a thought or an interest that I just haven’t had time for? Today is a great day for that. Start that art project. Make a creative choice. Let something shape you today. Set aside the calendar if you can and just be open to what flows.

I started this article this morning, but got distracted by some other things. (That’s probably a little more air-like than water.) But I did allow myself to flow a little. I started work on a creative project. I had a constructive conversation with someone who manifests powerfully. She challenged me to look at my goals and to create some information around this. I can’t get it done today, but I spent a lot of time thinking about the information and deciding what that vision should be. Some things fell into place. It’s going in the right direction.

I also had a few situations where I had to let go of the structure and let it flow a little. I din’t worry about the clock. I didn’t worry about things not going according to the plan. Nothing was urgent. It was all OK. I even benefited a little from some of the unexpected turns.

This is a welcome energy and I will try to make good use of the seeds that were planted today.

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