8/8/2017 — The Empress

Photo of The Empress card from the Robin Wood tarotAnother strong female influence makes her appearance today. The Empress is the companion of The Emperor. As he rules the empire, she nurtures it. She is a very motherly card and sometimes indicates pregnancy. She definitely indicates fertility and a safe environment to nurture young people, young ideas, young opportunities.

She can also represent a competent woman who is building her own future for herself and her family.

I certainly feel like I’m being guided to be open to female influences right now. I certainly have a number of powerful women in my universe right now. I must pay attention to their lessons and let them help me upon my path. I am comfortable with women. I don’t really buy into that whole being in charge notion. I see men and women as companions, each bringing different abilities to the table according to who they are as individuals. All can nurture. All can be strong. All can be logical, or intuitive.

I do have a situation where a woman who reminds me of The Empress has asked me to provide her with some information so she can help me move forward with some goals. I should probably work a little harder on providing that. I may not be able to complete it today, but I should certainly make it a priority and get something accomplished.

I’ll also embrace this as a sign of the good energy surrounding things I am trying to grow. Again, the female energy is indicated. I should mother these things, nurturing them with love and forgiveness. I should let them become what they are rather than what they are supposed to be. I will try to encounter today as though I have a cookie for everyone along with hugs and kisses for scraped knees and hurt feelings.

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