9/6/2017 — Six of Wands

photo of the Six of Pentacles from Robin Wood's tarot

The triumphant hero returns. He is greeted by throngs of enthusiastic people who cheer his arrival and praise him as he rides, upright, through the streets. His banner flies in the breeze of a beautiful day as flower petals are strewn at the feet of his steed.

The quest may not have gone according to plan. History may revisit these deeds later with harsh criticism, though they weren’t there. Today, however, none of that matters. Today is a good day, a proud day!

This is not a bad card to see at all. It shows that despite the hardships and the struggles that things will be appreciated and rewarded. People are paying attention. You will get the rewards that you have earned. Set aside the bad news. Set aside the critical voices, especially those internal ones that obsess over imperfections. Today, accept the praise and join in the celebration. Today is about today.

As I reflect on this card for myself, I have a certain amount of relief. The last few cards, especially the successive appearance of The Chariot and Death, made me a little unsure of what sort of vibration I was building to. It could have been a card of loss and turmoil. The Six of Wands suggests that the path is opening up and that I should be bolder. So, I did take some bolder steps today. I started an event a few had asked for, gathering people for a regular dose of positive, manifesting energy. (I’ll write more about that soon.) I’ve been considering this for a while, but the appearance of this card with the others suggested that the time for action is right now. Do I feel completely prepared for it all? Absolutely not! That doesn’t matter. It’s not really so much about what I think or get from it but what others do. This is not about self-evaluation. It’s about honoring the opinions of others when they raise you up.

Some of us are not good at accepting praise. Perhaps we’ve been teased or dealt with some abusive behavior that conditioned us to think that praise was not sincere or that we were not praiseworthy. While true that we should not be focused on the opinions of others and that we should follow our own heart for our path, we can get so lost in living the “hard, cold truth” that we ignore or even discount those people who are raising up our good qualities. Accept the praise. Enjoy the party.

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