photo of the King of Cups from Robin Wood's tarot

9/7/2017 — King of Cups

photo of the King of Cups from Robin Wood's tarot

Today we greet the King of Cups. Cups are connected with the element, water. This is a flowing element that moves easily from one context to the next, allowing itself to be shaped. It is a cleansing element, also connected with healing energy. Water also calls to mind intuition, collaboration, creation–particularly artistic.

The king invokes a strong male energy and all that goes with that. The king rules less by art and more by decree. He could be a tyrant, but he is a man of honor, using his reason and his power for the greater good of his kingdom, knowing that when all prosper he does as well.

When a person, this is a compassionate man, fatherly, kind. He is artistic and the water energy causes him to be even and balanced in his demeanor. This is a deep person, but quietly powerful.

When cards like this appear there are several possibilities. I might encounter this man. If I do, I should pay heed because he will likely have an influence on me today. Perhaps this is a call for me to bring out these qualities within myself. A single card has little context, like a lone word. That’s why we normally lay out a few others to create a complete sentence.

I will try to be a flowing, quietly powerful force today. I will allow myself to be shaped by the day a bit and not worry about controlling my day. If I encounter this energy in another I will try to engage with it and see what opportunities come.

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