7/21/2017 – Ten of Swords

Photo of the 10 of Swords from the Robin Wood tarotToday’s card is not a pretty one. A figure lays, pierced by 10 swords. It reminds one of Julius Caesar, assassinated by the Roman Senate, including someone he thought was a close friend. This is a card of betrayals, of terrible consequences. It’s a card that speaks to conspiracies and people who don’t have your best interest at heart.

Sometimes a card like this speaks to current circumstances. Sometimes it speaks to the wounds of the past. Without any cards around it we don’t really have any context, so it’s just a depressing image.

This is a challenging card. It’s one of the cards that I dread when it comes up in a spread because it screams out “No! It really is that bad…maybe even worse!” It looks like the worst fears coming true and maybe they are. *sigh*

So, what good can come of this card? Well, Maybe this shows the end of a cycle. The villains reveal themselves and now you know who they are and can fight them or avoid them. The worst is done, the only way is up. If there are people plotting secrets the plot is revealed. It’s harder to ambush someone if they know it’s coming. Wariness can help you tone down a disastrous situation by confronting it or . It’s time too look around and see if there are warning signs. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

So, reflecting this card back onto myself. I tend to be pretty open with people. My instinct is to be helpful without worrying about reward. On more than one occasion this has come back to bite me with significant consequences. Will I transform that naivete into the heart of a mercenary? Probably not. I working to change how I connect with people, though and to disconnect from the people who are not interested in mutual growth. There are a few things lurking around in my world, people and situations, where I should be more wary and probably less trusting. I don’t like that perspective, but it is likely the truth. I feel I’ve done a lot to disconnect from the toxic influences in my life but some are still there.

I will look out and be cautious about things that give me alarm bells. I will try to look below the surface, especially when my resources are involved. I will also try not to let the wounds of the past make me cynical and unable to connect with people who do care. I will be aware, but not afraid. I won’t let the bastards get me down!

It’s important to face a hard card. Because I am removing a card from my deck each day I do this I am guaranteed to face and reflect on the toughest cards. This was the first one. I hope that doing this helps me to face them when the come again and to help others face them when they turn up in a reading… and they will.

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