7/24/2017 – Three of Cups

Photo of the 3 of Cups from the Robin Wood Tarot deckThis is a nice card to see on a Monday. The tree of cups speaks to good fortune, artistic inspiration, connection. It sure looks like a party is going on here and I’m invited.

This card has always made me think of the Greek Muses, the personifications of inspiration in the arts and sciences. I always see this card as a sign of ideas flowing, new possibilities emerging, seeing the world in a wonderful new light. This card is about the Eureka! the Aha!. It’s a time when something falls into sharp focus and you know what needs to be done next. This is less associated with business and romance as it is with the creative side.

As a writer and performer as well as a mystic, I welcome this energy. I have, for some time, had a concept of aspects of performance that we do to honor the muses. This is the harder, more obscure work that we do that will probably never find a broad audience, but we are compelled to it anyway. I see those creations as sacrifices in thanks to the inspiration the muses provide.

Today would be a good day to ponder possibilities, to think on what creation needs to happen next. It’s an ideal day to sit down with a notebook and scribble on that sort-of idea that’s been floating around, or creations that have been waiting for me to have enough brain to think on them. If I can avoid rational logical work today I should. Instead, give my day over to creation and designing the universe that a I want for myself. Don’t go anywhere without the means to record an idea today! They will be hitting all day long! For me, this as a very favorable card and I welcome it! Let the ideas begin to flow!

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