8/29/2017 — Five of Pentacles

Photo of the Five of Pentacles from the Robin Wood tarotThere has been a lot of activity in my world, not all of it particularly spiritual. This has delayed some of these entries. There is a point of view that says that when we focus ourselves on the spiritual that everything else falls into place. It’s a good point of view. I agree with it, though I don’t always put it into practice. I suppose that’s why we call it practice. You try again until you can do it right.

That all makes today’s card a very appropriate one. The five of pentacles shows a pair of destitute beggars in the snow. They are not in good shape. Looking behind them we see an ornate window that is likely a church. Will they make their way inside? Will they seek shelter and food from people who are likely very happy to provide it? Probably not. Pride or fear seems to stand in the way. They will remain out in the cold, stubbornly looking for their own resources.

Pentacles speaks to earth energy, that which nurtures us, grounds us, our foundations.

When this card appears it is a sign of being lost in loneliness and destitution. We feel detached from warmth, from love. We are depressed and not reaching for our higher selves. We might consider simply laying down in the snow to die. There is no shame in poverty, though we may feel ashamed when we compare ourselves to others. There is no shame in needing help. However, if we remain in ignorance and only look to ourselves we will never be lifted up. Now is the time to seek that hand, that spiritual guidance. Now is the time to look to other paths and possibilities. If we continue to do the same thing nothing will change.

This card was appropriate today. I had a long, exhausting day without much in the way of connection. At the end of it all I felt drained and, yes, a little depressed. Once home I needed to deal with a minor legal issue and found out that I had to do it the hard way. That was frustrating. Overall, I did not feel uplifted by today. I was frustrated by the futility.

But it is all done. Overall the issues are not very important in the grand scheme of things and, while I would have preferred some different outcomes, my world could be a lot worse off. It’s time to retune my spiritual strings and get back to the harmony. I can dwell. I can use words like “unfair” or I can just restate my vision and work to manifest it. Important things need my energy. I should not squander it on revisiting frustrations. I put today to bed and arise anew in the morning. See if I don’t!

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Chris Walden is a multifaceted guy with a background in technology, writing, and theatrical production. He is the force behind Mythmade Productions in Austin, Texas and enjoys creating unique experiences for people that go beyond mere entertainment. He lives in Cedar Park with his wife, daughter and some number of cats. He is a regular correspondent for Saul Ravencrafts activities.

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