8/30/2017 — The Moon

Photo of The Moon from the Robin Wood tarotToday’s card is one of the big ones from the Major Arcana. It’s also one where my personal experience and connection differs from some of the conventional opinions on the meaning.

The Moon shows a wolf and a hound baying at a moon. The moon is shown as multi-phased. We see it full, but we also see it as a sliver. Is this a sort of eclipse, or just a reminder of the ever-changing nature of the moon? We also see a crawdad-looking creature emerging from the pool of water, disturbing it. Between the standing stones we see a turbulent sea.

Interpretations that I’ve seen of this card speak to enemies and dangers hiding in the shadows. They talk about being careful. They talk about nefarious secrets. One cannot completely ignore these ideas, but they are a very skewed view of the moon and its power. Anyone who paid attention during the recent solar eclipse saw what happens when the moon overtakes the sun. To some it was frightening and disturbing. For many it was a glorious experience.

As a magickal practitioner, I have a very different take on the moon and the darkness of the night. The moon embodies feminine energy. The mysterious moon cycle that women experience is an undeniable connection. It’s amazing the way in which the moon’s visual appearance so closely aligns to the fertility experience. To paraphrase Terry Pratchett—that’s real magic, and it doesn’t stop being so just because you know how it works.

I live in Texas, where it’s hot a good deal of the year. The night provides a blessed time of relative cool. When you’re a bit more of a night person, like I am, you look forward to the darkness and relief from the harshness of the day. Many amazing animals come out at night. Owls, opossums, raccoons, coyotes, fireflies, deer and many others make their way into the night. My cats enjoy the night. Some nocturnal animals are dangerous predators, to be sure, but many of them are quieter animals that enjoy the safety of the shadows. In many cases, what lurks in the darkness is fuzzy and adorable.

The Moon says that rather than the harsh illumination of The Sun, we will be seeing everything in the strange, silvery light. It alters colors; it creates illusions. Some things will not appear as they really are. Some things will be acting upon their true nature. It is a time of intuition and, yes, magick! It is a time when things may be done successfully in secret, but not all of these things are villainous. Some things are better done quietly so as not to outrage those who are easily disturbed and frightened. It is a time for awareness, to reach out with other senses heightened by diminished sight. Listen. Smell. Feel. Trust that inner sense that warns of danger and leads you to comfort.

Know that The Moon may bring a little disorder. They say people go a little crazy when the moon is full. Expect some irrationality, and be forgiving of it when it occurs, especially in yourself. But also enjoy the freedom that the moon provides. Respect the moon’s energy. Don’t fear it.

What does this mean for me today? Well, today I will try to embrace the witchier side of things. It would be a great day for workings. While I don’t have anything arranged, I do have some projects needing thought that are related to that energy. I should spend time thinking about them and take inspired notes about what occurs. I need to consider that some people may act a little outside of their typical nature today and be especially conscious not to judge them for it. Anyone may bay at the moon from time to time. I also need to be open to my own reactions to moon energy. The actual moon in the sky is in it’s first quarter, waxing. The moon energy is emerging and slowly growing to full. It’s not at its strongest right now, but it’s growing. Time to start taking things on. Time to prepare for when it is full.

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