8/31/2017 — Three of Wands

A lonephoto of the Three of Wands from the Robin Wood tarot figure looks out over the bay as ships approach. He is dressed in a livery with a crest, so he looks official. The sky shows the oranges and yellows of a dusk or a dawn. Are these ships returning friends? new visitors? invaders? Whoever they are, they are coming and he will sound a call of either joy or alarm.

This is a card of signs. In general it feels joyful. It doesn’t have the ominous darkness that we would expect from bad news. Traditional interpretations say that these ships bear prosperity, resources for future growth, things which will positively shape the future. The ships that ventured out into danger return laden with profit and luxuries. Soon the market will open and be filled with people, anxious to possess these amazing goods from distant lands. Their experience will broaden as they connect with items and flavors of another culture. They will be transformed as they incorporate things and ideas that evolved elsewhere. That’s good stuff!

However, I also consider the lookout, standing day by day, gazing into the bay, waiting. He is not an adventurer on the ships. He is probably not a merchant who will profit by any of this. He is suspended, driven by the impulse of the ships to give a call for action. Don’t we sometimes find ourselves in that position? We freeze and wait for a sign, wait for our ship to come in. We want something to show that our action is warranted, some proof that we are on the right track. When this card appears it is a sign to stop waiting! It’s happening now! It’s time to leave the lonely perch of the lookout and to welcome things into our life.

For me, shortly after drawing this card I had a brief conversation with a business connection about expanding our collaboration. There is some risk involved. It could open new doors for me and create a better energy and opportunity for the kind of work that I need to be doing. However, it could also create some waves and ripples in my “sure thing.” This card reminds me to be excited about the new and exotic things that are arriving. I need to be confident as this approaches and seek the opportunity rather than dwelling on the obstacles.

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